Bots & Trading Tutorials

Boom and Crash Index/Indices are synthetic commodities that have their market algorithms moving with the similitude of real world markets like the Forex/Stocks market meanwhile having perculiar kinds of movement which is computer generated through a random sequence that follows a changing linear regression model.

I never wanted to see the name "Elliot Waves" before because of its complexity but by the time Danny Legend uploaded it as a high probability strategy, I felt low before watching the video, then I come to think of his high quality of disseminating info on topics, immediately a positive energy sparkled in me. And truly I find it super easily explained after watching it repetitively.

Expert Advisors

These are trading robots and alert tools

Expert Advisors are trading robots that either alert and/or pick trades automatically for you after you input your choice settings. You can also run them on VPS 24/7 offline if you want.

YouTube Tutorials

Have access to high value YouTube content

With over 85+ videos on YouTube, you will enjoy a real Boom and Crash and Volatilities Market Class that offers nothing but high value content. These are analysis, settings, strategies and live streams.

Trading Mentorship

Pay and learn from a professional

Boom and Crash EA introduces you to a knowledge-packed mentorship program for all levels of traders – Beginners to Advanced level. There is One-Time Mentorship & Yearly Mentorship. 

Ultimate Guide For Beginners

If you are new to trading Boom and Crash/Volatilities Indices Markets or even to trading any financial instrument at all, kindly watch the following videos.


The Benefits of Partnership

Profitable & Well-researched Strategies

The Synthetic Markets’ Strategies (Boom and Crash, Step Index, Range Break, etc) brought to you are always well researched and broken down from a complex level so as to reach out and embrace the level of understanding of every learner.

New Discoveries & Teachings

Boom and Crash EA belongs to a school of thought that believes that once you keep learning, you stay young and hence is heavily invested in discovering new things to teach.

Boom and Crash Community

You are not trading these synthetic indices alone. We have a group of fellow profitable traders trading and giving feedback on our discussion group on the Telegram App. Join via the link below.


Synthetic Markets

There are several synthetic indices market you can check out. These include; Boom and Crash Index, Range Break Index, Volatilities Market, Jump Index, Step Index, Bulls and Bears Market, etc. Click on the orange arrow to explore from Deriv's main website. Deriv is the only broker offering these synthetic commodities at the moment.


Enroll for Mentorship

You'll not only learn how to trade Synthetic Indices, you will learn how to develop your own working strategy that is 90%+ effective.

Mentorship comes in two (2) packages.
One-Time Mentorship that consists of Trading Lessons, Analysis & Strategies for a full month, that is three times a week and then a Yearly Mentorship Package that consists of  two lessons a week with monthly payments covering a year. Read more on the package contents…