Boom and Crash Spike Detector (Manual) Strategy | $50 to $100 A Day Catching Spikes

Making Money With This Boom and Crash Spike Detector (Manual) Strategy.


Day-in day-out we hear of the mysterious Boom and Crash spike detector for the Boom and Crash market. The indicator that seemingly detects or senses when a spike is approaching so the synthetic market trader can swoop in quickly with a buy or sell position and catch the imminent spike – well, that’s not entirely existent.

Sorry to disappoint you. 99.9% of these so-called Boom and Crash spike detectors are nothing but fakes since the Boom and Crash market moves by a random artificial intelligence algorithm.

One of the things we can help ourselves at least manually tell when a series of spikes will start occurring is to use one easy method. We will use a moving average, an indicator.


This is not entirely detecting a spike on the boom and crash market but rather telling the trader or at least informing the trader of some approaching spike on the boom and crash market so they can trade it successfully.



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Go to Insert > Indicator >  Trend > Moving Average



50 Exponential Moving Average
Apply to Close
Choose any line colour.
Shift is left at 0


So what you want to do is to wait till a spike has broken the 50 EMA and another spike follows after the spike that broke the 50 EMA, then you enter a SELL position (for Crash Market) and a BUY position (for Boom Market) while applying good risk management.

Below is a picture:


From this image, we see a yellow box. After the spike in the middle of the yellow box, you enter a sell (This is the Crash Market).

Your StopLoss or SL can be above the 50 EMA and your TakeProfit or TP will be at your own discretion.

With this Manual Spike Detector Strategy, you can be making about $25 to $100 a day based on the lot sizes you use. Remember to always apply good risk management for every position you enter.


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