Boom and Crash Strategy That Makes $50 to $100 Per Day | Financial Plan With Every Candle EA

Boom and Crash Strategy That Makes $50 to $100 Per Day

Boom and Crash markets can be very profitable. In this article I will be sharing one of the Boom and Crash Strategies that can help you make money. I hope that to you, this will be a very good Boom and Crash strategy you can use from time to time. Remember there are also risks involved in trading any financial asset.

First of all, we will use our MACD indicator as a helping hand to execute our financial plan more effectively.

So on your MT5 dashboard,

Go to Files > Insert > Oscillator > MACD

These should be your MACD Settings:

Fast EMA: 35
Slow EMA: 46
Apply To: Close

Your Signal line should be RED
Your Main line should be BLUE
as seen from the image above.

Your MACD settings are now set!

Also, switch to M5/ 5-Minute timeframe. This is just to help our analysis.

Meanwhile you can sign up to trade Boom and Crash on Deriv (click/tap on link).

Now, our condition for activating our EveryCandle EA/Bot is when our Signal Line (RED LINE) of the MACD, crosses above our Main Line (BLUE LINE) for Crash Market and then when our Signal Line (RED LINE) of the MACD, crosses below our Main Line (BLUE LINE) for Boom Market.

Just like this:

This image above is a Boom Market. The yellow rectangle boxes are our entry conditions. Take note!

At those points, we will activate our EveryCandle Bot to start picking candles on the One-Minute timeframe even though we are looking at the market from a 5-Minute perspective to trade with our MACD.

I repeat, our main timeframe for overall analysis is M5/5-minute timeframe but we are picking the trade on M1 timeframe since we want the bot to pick trades on one minute intervals. So do your settings and analysis with M5 but switch to M1 and activate the bot so that it trades on one minute timeframe (M1). This will make your Boom and Crash Strategy work better.

Get the free bot here after reading.

So in all, we should analyze the Boom and Crash market this way and stick to our financial plan for the strategy.


The points that say, “Activate Bot” are your activation points or entry points for the bot.

Now we also have to look at our TakeProfit and StopLoss Points.
Here is a snapshot:

Now, you see an indication of some RED arrows pointing from the indicator area to the candlesticks. These arrows are just to trace or connect the vertical line from the indicator to our exact entry point in this Boom and crash strategy.

Take Profit and StopLoss

Our Stoploss on this Boom and crash strategy will be the red horizontal line above our entry point which may or may not be a fixed pip value. Set that at your own discretion.
Our Take Profit will be the green box on the MACD indicator showing that the RED signal line of our MACD Indicator is now crossing above the BLUE main line.

With this strategy, you can use the EveryCandle EA to its full potential and make some cool cash if you stick to this financial plan for trading boom and crash successfully.

DISCLAIMER: Remember trading can be risky and that one should not invest an amount they cannot afford to lose. This strategy is for educational purposes ONLY.

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