You have a 7-day money back guarantee if you dislike the training or have an emergency to attend to and hence would have to cancel your subscription.

However, a money-back guarantee is only given on one occasion to each student and only given within the first month of registration. This money-back guarantee timeframe applies to both One-Time & All-Year Mentorship Packages.

In the instance where you do not have funds to pay for your mentorship in a particular month in order to continue the ongoing class (All-Year Mentorship), you are not under any compulsion to forcefully pay for that month. However, you will not be able to partake in the class for that month if you have not made prior payment. If you make payment for the month(s) you missed later in another month, you will be given video recordings of what went on in that class you missed so you can catch up with the programme.

All Skrill payments should not be done with a Mastercard deposit from the payer’s end. Only VISA cards are accepted for payment via Skrill.

If a student makes payment for mentorship via Skrill and uses a Mastercard,  their payment will be refunded and they will not be able to continue with the mentorship class unless rectified.